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Chinese tomato Risotto.jpg

Chinese Tomato Risotto (礼茶烩饭)


In the 1950s, it was customary for Cantonese brides to eat this stewed tomato rice with a quail egg because of its symbolism.

canton style Claypot rice.jpeg

Cantonese-Style Claypot Rice (粤式砂煲腊味饭)


In Guangdong province, meats cured during the winter are harvested in the last month of the lunar calendar (腊月) to be gifted to families and friends for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.


Yangzhou Fried Rice


 A Chinese culinary icon that needs little introduction.

huang pu noodles .jpg

Huang Pu noodles with prawn omelette



Our chefs painstakingly sear the egg noodles by swirling them in a wok continuously
until they are toasted and crispy outside but chewy inside.


Steamed Fragrance Rice in Lotus Leaves (腊味荷叶饭)


Cured meats such as Waxed Duck, Pork & Liver Sausage, are wrapped into rice parcels with lotus leaves. After steaming, the rice in the parcel is infused with the fragrance of the cured meats.

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