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Heritage Set Menu C

$78.80++ per pax

Add $5.00 for your choice of: (1) One House Pour; (2) Coffee; (3) Soft Drinks; (4) Sparkling Water.


Symphony Platter


A Platter Consists of Three Long-lost Nostalgic Classics: The "Chicken Parcel", The "Wok-Seared Pheasant Roll" & The "Pearl of Prawns".

Bird-nest Lantern on Cream of

Bird-nest Lantern on Cream of Pumpkin(金盏银盘燕)

Signature Yam Basket.jpg

Signature Yam Basket (佛锛飘香)

When Chef Hooi visited his then-girlfriend’s home for the first time in the 1960s, he cooked up this vegetarian dish of stir-fried asparagus,

canton style Claypot rice.jpeg

Cantonese-Style Claypot Rice (粤式砂煲腊味饭)

In Guangdong province, meats cured during the winter are harvested in the last month of the lunar calendar (腊月) to be gifted to families and friends for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

It is named after a wild daisy whose white petals and yellow stamen are recreated in the soup with a quail egg yolk cradled in a floating bird’s nest.

Chinese Style Beef Steak.jpeg

Chinese-Style Beef Steak (中式牛扒)

A 1950s invention by Master Chef Lou Seng who mentored Chef Hooi when he was apprenticing at the Cathay Hotel.

Cream of black sesame.jpeg

Cream of Black Sesame with Walnuts & Glutinous Rice Ball (核桃黑芝麻糊湯圓)

A thick and creamy dessert made of ground black sesame seeds that is also common in Hong Kong and South China.

A 6-course set menu from our Heritage Series featuring 3 long-lost dishes as starter, a Bird Nest soup, 2 signature icons & a popular local staple.  The set is complete with a traditional Cantonese dessert.

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