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Bird-nest Lantern on Cream of

Bird-nest Lantern on Cream of Pumpkin(金盏银盘燕)


It is named after a wild daisy whose white petals and yellow stamen are recreated in the
soup with a quail egg yolk nestled in a floating bird’s nest. 

Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms an

Quail Meat Congee with Wild Mushrooms & Winter Melon (冬茸鹧鸪粥)


When rice was scarce after the Second World War, the Cantonese community in Singapore cooked minced chicken or quail meat in rice water to make “congee”.


Double-boiled Chicken Consommé (虫草花炖鸡汤)


Soup drinking is deeply rooted in Cantonese culture. There are hundreds of homemade recipes, each of them the bedrock of family meals. We strive to warm hearts and fill bellies the same way with our offerings.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.jpeg
Swallow within a Phoenix.jpeg

Homestyle Soup of the Day


Buddha Jumps Over the Wall(经典佛跳墙)

5 Day Advance Order Needed


Soup drinking is deeply rooted in the Cantonese culture, and there are hundreds of remarkable homemade recipes.

$1,388 ( 10 pax)

$788 (5 pax)

The dish came about when a Qing Dynasty (1636–1912) Fujian governor ordered his
personal chef, Zheng Chun Fa (郑春发), to reproduce a mixed stew that he had been
served at the residence of another official.

Swallow within a Phoenix

5 Days Advance Order Needed


A whole deboned chicken (the phoenix) is stuffed with bird nest (the swallow,) and double-boiled in chicken stock—flavored with Yunnan ham and conpoy—for two hours.

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